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High Sheriff of Shropshire hosts special dinner to introduce Shropshire Community Foundation



In a gesture of community engagement and support, the High Sheriff of Shropshire has extended a warm invitation to 22 local lawyers for a special dinner event at the picturesque Cound Hall; thanks to owners Nancy and David Sykes-Waller and event sponsors Weatherby’s Bank. The event promises to be an exciting opportunity for legal professionals to get acquainted with the recently established Shropshire Community Foundation (SCF), fostering connections that can drive positive change across Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin.


The High Sheriff’s Initiative

As a prominent figure in Shropshire, the High Sheriff plays a crucial role in upholding the values of community and philanthropy. This year, the High Sheriff has taken a significant step by taking on the position of Honorary Trustee at SCF and launching the first High Sheriff of Shropshire Fund, which is aimed at addressing local needs and challenges.


The Purpose of the Dinner

The dinner at Cound Hall serves as the perfect backdrop for introducing local lawyers to Shropshire Community Foundation’s mission, goals, and initiatives. The High Sheriff hopes to foster collaboration between the legal professionals and the Foundation to build upon the fantastic work they do for our local communities.


Supporting Local

The High Sheriff’s invitation to local lawyers is a testament to her commitment towards strengthening Shropshire’s community. It’s an opportunity for Shropshire Community Foundation and legal professionals to join together to become great catalysts for positive change and further contribute to the wellbeing of local communities. The event promises to be an inspiring evening filled with camaraderie and shared values.


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