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Choosing to donate is a personal decision. That’s why we have three flexible options, to ensure your funds are used when, where and how you wish.

1. Donations under £10,000

These can be given to support any of our existing (thematic or geographical) funds for Shropshire, and can take the form of a one-off gift or a regular direct debit.

2. Donations of £10,000 or more

These donations can be set up as an ‘immediate impact’ fund (also known as flow-through) to be directed as grant funding towards specific causes or priorities decided by you, over a time period again chosen by yourself (immediately, over one year, or across multiple years). The Foundation can manage the fund on your behalf or you can have a higher level of involvement if you’d prefer.

3. For larger funds or where donors wish to give in perpetuity

We can create an endowment fund, where the capital is permanently invested and the yield earned on the investment is distributed each year as grant funding. Depending on the size of the donation, this will either be invested within our existing endowment portfolio or can be a specific named fund. This essentially creates your own charitable trust, where the Foundation takes on the responsibility of investing and administering the fund.

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