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We recognise that your business is unique, so we offer flexible ways to donate and make a positive mark on the county’s people and places.

Social accountability and responsibility are core facets of most organisations – where senior leaders recognise the role their business plays in supporting the communities around them, where their teams live and work. But it can be difficult to know where to start, and how to make a substantial impact, let alone finding time within pressurised workloads for research and administration of community giving.

The Foundation team is here to help by offering an alternative approach – supporting organisations to channel their charitable funds into the areas and the causes which are most important to them. Advice is based on a wealth of knowledge of the local communities across Shropshire – and the challenges they face.

Your giving options

1. Donations under £10,000

These can be given to support any of our existing (thematic or geographical ) funds, via a one-off gift or regular giving.

2. Donations of £10,000 or more

These can be used to develop an immediate impact fund (or flow-through) which enables you to choose how involved your business is with the distribution of the grant funding, what period of time this is done across (up to multiple years), and which causes are specifically supported.

3. For larger funds or where donors wish to give in perpetuity

We can create an endowment fund, where the capital is permanently invested and the yield earned on the investment is distributed each year as grant funding. Depending on the size of the donation, this will either be invested within our existing endowment portfolio or can be specific named fund. This creates the equivalent of a charitable trust where your business retains full recognition for all donations, but the Foundation is responsible for administration, management and reporting.


We can also support you with the wider aspects of your corporate social responsibility, such as arranging volunteering opportunities, donating your unwanted goods to the local community, skill sharing with local organisations, sponsorship and payroll giving.

Please do get in touch so we can talk you through the range of options, enabling you to give how, when and where suits you and your business – making a difference in Shropshire in the best way possible by relying on our expertise and networks.

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