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2023 Reflections: Building Foundations, Setting Sights on 2024


2023 really saw the birth of the new Shropshire Community Foundation – with the launch of our website and social media networks, sign ups to our newsletter and exposure on radio, newsprint and TV. We found our voice, and have been raising awareness of the community foundation concept and the Shropshire Community Foundation itself.

We have been learning – about the charity sector in our wonderful county, what the needs are, who is fulfilling those needs and who has the greatest impact. We took our first steps in terms of grant giving, launching the High Sheriff’s Fund in November and Zac’s Fund in December and now we are delighted to be able to share the news of the first grant being awarded (details below)

Our primary purpose for Shropshire is to build, and look after, a permanent endowment – funds which will keep on giving to the county long after we have gone, to support those who are carrying out the most vital work in the voluntary sector – and we have started to build that endowment, and to build philanthropic partnerships with other organisations who want the same thing.

I literally can’t wait for 2024! There are so many opportunities, so many conversations have already begun, ready to take to the next stage. There will be more endowment, more funds released into the community, and more philanthropic partnerships.

But we would not be where we are today without the support of others, this was always about doing something by Shropshire, with Shropshire, for Shropshire. It is a joint effort and we are just the facilitators – we could not be more grateful to those who have believed in the cause, and joined us on the journey. Hopefully many more will do so in 2024!


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